If you  have a horde of lovely, good quality fabric, notions and other sewing accessories that are clogging up your life, and want to give others the chance to use it, fabricabrac is for you.

It works like this.

You pay for a trestle table to display your wares. It’s up to you to arrange it how you want.

You can share a table with friends, family, even people you don’t know. Or if it’s just you, and you don’t think you’ve got enough for a whole table, you can apply for a half table.

Please, reasonable prices – the better the bargains the more you’ll sell. You pay for a stall, and keep any money you make.

Although the main idea is that fabric-a-brac is about fabric, stallholders can sell patterns/buttons/trims/ accessories – plus sewing machines and almost anything you like, as long as it’s sewing-related and not a finished product. I have had a few enquiries about wool, and I think that’s fine, just shouldn’t be the dominating factor of your stall. NO finished items please – there are plenty of craft fairs you can go to!

Any questions or to book a table by yourself or with friends email the relevant FBB (see the event pages).

If you haven’t got enough fabric for a whole stall, but you’ve got a few bits of quality fabric that you are happy to donate to a good cause – start digging them out… We will have a table to raise money for charity. Please if you could measure it (and label it with the width and length) before you drop it off that’d save us a heap of time.


9 thoughts on “Selling

  1. What a fantastic idea. Hopefully I will be up from Melbourne that weekend. Of course, you could maybe please one day ? Hold an event in Melbourne !

  2. Is there a chance to offer ‘notions’ for sale or swap on the blog, I can’t come on the day.
    I have embroidery cottons, cross stitch kits, old pattern books, lace, ribbons, old buttons etc.

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