Donating fabric

If you don’t want to take out a table, but have a few pieces of fabric you’d be happy to donate, you may be able drop them off before the event to raise money for charity.

PLEASE quality fabric or notions only – we won’t be able to sell fabric that is in too rotten a state…e.g.  ripped and stained. Old duvet covers also not welcome! Think about whether you would want to buy it back or not. If you have a chance to measure it, great, if not, no worries, we can do that. If you have odds and ends of COOL fabric, that’s fine, people may like it for quilting or applique etc. so feel free to drop that off too.

Get in touch with the Fabric-a-brac concerned to find out how to donate fabric



4 thoughts on “Donating fabric

  1. Great, I will come and look and also bring some fabric and notions, magazines for the donation table, pleased to clear out some unused goods from my boxes. Looking forward to it. Alida

    1. Hi that sounds lovely. We are not quite there yet – someone is in planning mode but we don’t have a date yet – can you hang onto it for a bit? I will give the organiser your contaccts. Cheers! Josie Brennan

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