I have just added another page to the site about selling at Fabric-a-fabric. Just gives you a little bit more information.

Below are some Q&A to address some questions that have been raised via email by stall holders.

Q1. What will parking be like at the event?

A. There is about 35 parking spaces around the hall and they may be used if they are available. The church may have some of its community using them but any places left are for use. There will be a drop of zone for unloading fabric for your table.

There are some no metered parking in the residential area that is close by, but I am aware that River Fire is on Saturday night and some people do come and park early for this event. So if your not selling and are local to Brisbane maybe the train or bus may be a less stressful options.

Q2. How big are the trestle tables?

A. They are old school wooden trestle tables approx 3m by 1m wide. So oddles of space for your wares.

If any other questions come up I will do my best to answer them.

You can always email me on fabricabracbris@gmail.com




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